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Internal Audit Unit

  1. To assist the top management to ensure that the financial operations are properly managed and comply with the stipulated regulations and laws.
  2. To assist the top management to ensure that all financial records, management information and internal control system are in proper order, accurate and satisfactory.
  3. To systematically study and evaluate the operations of the ministry to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. To prepare an independent, objective and clear report pertaining to the operations and the internal control system for the secretary-general of the ministry.
  5. To put forward recommendations to improve financial management, management of the store and other resources as well as the internal control system in order to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. To furnish information to the Financial Management System Division of the Malaysian Treasury when required.


  1. Conducting audits in a professional manner in accordance with the International Auditing Standards.
  2. Issuing audit reports and audit observations that are independent, objective and accurate within one (1) month upon the completion of the audit.
  3. Prepare the Audit Plan no later than 31st January and the Annual Reports of the Internal Audit Unit by 31st March the following year.
  4. Monitor the implementation of the recommendations / comments within one (1) month from the date the Audit Report is issued.

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