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International Relations Division (Culture)

  1. To plan, coordinate and supervise implementation of task related to ASEAN as below:
    1. Focal Point for Meetings such as ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts (AMCA) and ASEAN Ministers Culture + 3 (AMCA) (China, Japan & Korea).
  2. To plan, coordinate and supervise implementation of task related to ASEAN Committees such as ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (ASEAN COCI), and Sub Committee on Culture (SCC).
  3. To plan, coordinate and supervise implementation of Secretariat's task on major meetings: Senior Officials Meeting on Culture (SOMCA) and SOMCA + 3 (China, Japan & Korea).
  4. To serve as Focal Point at Ministerial level to provide inputs / feedback for bilateral negotiations between ASEAN and dialogue partner's (Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia, Canada, Korea, Republic China, Japan & European Union).
  5. To serve as Focal Point for ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Council (ASCC) and to coordinate implementation of programmes and activities run by 15 Ministries / Agencies under Socio-cultural sector.
  6. Responsible for cultural programmes / project under the purview of ASEAN.
  7. To plan and supervise financial management under the ASEAN Cultural Fund.

  9. To coordinate and prepare Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Executive Programmes related to cultural field with related countries / parties.
  10. To plan, coordinate and monitor programme management and bilateral cultural cooperation's with related countries.

  12. To plan and coordinate the implementation of focal point tasks for ASEM CMM.
  13. To plan and follow-up on decisions of meetings by international bodies such as NAM, COMINAC, OIC, ASEAN and UNESCO.
  14. To plan and coordinate multilateral ties and cultural cooperation's with international bodies such as below:
    1. ISESCO (Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization),
    2. IFACCA (International Federation of Arts Council and Culture Agencies),
    3. INCP (International Networking on Cultural Policy),
    4. ACCF (Asia Culture Cooperation Forum),
    5. IRCICA (Research Centre of Islamic History, Arts and Culture),
    6. Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD),
    7. Guff Cooperation Council (GCC); and
    8. South East Asia Pacific Audio Visual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA)
  15. Secretariat for permanent sub-committee for National Committee of UNESCO Malaysia (SKUM).
  16. To plan and execute international cultural meetings / conference when Malaysia serves as a host.
  17. To check and prepare inputs / feedbacks for document's related to UNESCO such as convention / declaration / recommendation circulated by SKUM for matter's pertaining to culture.

  19. To supervise and to prepare info's / letter's for International conference / meeting / seminar's attended by H.E Minister / Secretary General and senior officials of MOTAC.
  20. To plan and to prepare matter's pertaining to official visit by senior officials from International countries.
  21. To plan and prepare cabinet papers for programmes / conference / agreements in cultural field.
  22. To prepare Brief and Speaking Notes / Interventional Notes / Cabinet Paper / Speech Text whenever our senior officials attends International Meetings / Conference that involves International participation.
  23. To plan and supervise human resource, financial management in International Relation's Division (Culture).

  1. Provide inputs / feedback to relevant Ministries / Departments / Government Agencies / Regional Associations and International Organisations pertinent to concept papers / work plans / official documents in relation to international culture, arts and heritage within ten (10) working days.
  2. Process of Government-to-Government Exchange Programme application within seven (7) working days after receiving complete application.
  3. Manage participation of Departments / Agencies under the purview of the Ministry to programmes / projects / activities in relation to international culture, arts and heritage within fourteen (14) working days from the date set forth by the organiser.
  4. Preparation of Cabinet Notes of YB Minister's international meeting participations / official visits within seven (7) working days after the meeting / visit.

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