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How do I register my company with the Ministry of Tourism?
You need to complete the company registration form and submit it together with the following documents:
  • Company profile
  • Copy of bumiputera status certificate
  • Copy of Ministry of Finance certificate
  • Copy of certificates from the Contractor Service Centre (PKK) and the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) - for work projects
  • 2 company cards
How does a company participate in a tender/quotation of the Ministry of Tourism?
For work projects, a contractor/supplier must be bumiputera and registered in class F with the Contractor Service Centre (PKK) under the related headings/sub-headings and the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

For supplies/services, the suppliers/companies must be registered with the Ministry of Finance under the relevant field code.

What are the financial regulations governing invitations to class F contractors?
All work with a value of less than RM200,000 is reserved for class F bumiputera contractors registered with the Contractor Service Centre under the related headings/sub-headings. Registration of class F contractors is done according to district, therefore only contractors in that district can be offered work under RM200,000.

Why are subsidiary companies/co-operatives not allowed to participate in tenders/quotations of their parent body?
Government equity subsidiary companies, co-operatives, civil servant fund, etc. are prohibited from participating in any procurement managed by the ministry/department. This is to avoid any conflict of interest in the procurement.
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