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Policy Division (Culture)

  1. To coordinate the formulation of cultural policies and outline development strategies for the national culture, arts and heritage activities.
  2. To monitor the implementation of the National Cultural Policy relating to the aspects of culture and arts programmes as well as the promotion of the culture, arts and heritage products.
  3. To plan and conduct the culture, arts and heritage related studies and researches.
  4. To coordinate and review the preparation of Cabinet papers and to provide input and views for Cabinet papers from other Ministries / Department / Agencies as well as coordinating the preparation of answers for Parliamentary Questions under the purview of the Cultural Sector.
  5. To provide advisory services on the policy of culture, arts and heritage as well as advisory services to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the Arts Activists.
  6. To organise, coordinate and implement the enhancement of moral values and self-esteem culture through campaigns, seminars, dialogues, lectures, discourses and other activities.
  7. To coordinate documentation and publication of materials on the culture, arts and heritage.
  8. To promote culture, arts and heritage activities through the provision of aids and the welfare fund for the arts activists.
  9. To coordinate and manage the Bumiputera economic agenda and execute the task of secretariat for the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Committee, the Creative Industries Policy Technical Committee, the Cultural Review Panel Committee and the Cultural Sector Coordination Meeting.

  1. To manage the application of Arts Activists Welfare Fund within 7 working days.
  2. To manage application for administration support and non-government organisations activities related to culture within 30 working days.

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