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Account Division

  1. To ensure accurate accounting of payments and revenue in compliance with financial regulations in force.
  2. To provide quality and effective advices in financial and accounting services in line with the best practices to PTJ and Collector Office.
  3. To manage the operation of payroll system and payment of salary for MOTAC staff.
  4. To manage accunting and financial training for MOTAC staff.
  5. To manage and monitor trust, deposit and petty cash account.
  6. To coordinate activities for accrual accounting implementation.

  1. To process payments vouchers within three (3) calender days from the date of received complete documents.
  2. To ensure payment of monthly salary of MOTAC personnel/staff on specified date AP(105).
  3. To prepare an audit report on revenue and e-SPKB within fourteen (14) calender days from the date of audit completion.

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